Why should you choose finasteride 5mg for treating hair loss?

Finasteride 5mg is the medication that is suitable for patients who are suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). But, we would also suggest you to choose this dosage for treating hair loss issue if you belong to a category mentioned below.

Take Finasteride 5mg if the lower dose is not effective

When you take Finasteride with the dosage strength of 1mg for a period of three months but you do not find any hair growth then go and consult with a doctor.

Usually a period of three months is needed to identify whether the medication is suitable for you or not. When your doctor says that you can take Finasteride 5mg then you can definitely go for this medication.

Always remember that this is not suggested for everyone for sure. Only few percentages of people would be allowed to this dose and definitely not all.

Can you take Finasteride 5mg pills to increase the efficiency?

If you are already taking Finasteride 1mg pills and it is very effective in the body it is a must that you have to stick with this. Never take Finasteride 5mg believing that it would provide more effectiveness in your body and help you to regrow hair faster. There is no such evidence that this would happen in a person.

What should you do if you did not find Finasteride 5mg to be effective?

In case, you were taking Finasteride 5mg pills for the treatment for a period of three months but still you did not find any hair growth then it is a must that you have to quit taking the pills and halt the therapy.

Three months is the buffer period and this phase is more than enough to identify whether the drug can be helpful to you or not. Some people might think that if they take the tablets for prolonged period of time they can grow hair. It is not the truth so you have to stop the course of treatment immediately as per the instructions of the doctor.

What should you do if your doctor does not accept to prescribe Finasteride 5mg for you?

If your medico does not instruct you to take this dosage strength then it is a must that you have to avoid taking it. Finasteride 1mg is the actual dose that is prescribed for patients with male pattern bald issue. The healthcare professional would know on what to instruct and what not to prescribe. You just have to follow it and you can be safe during the treatment.

Is there any specific way to take Finasteride 5mg pills?

The consumption of Finasteride 5mg is similar to the lower dose one. You have to take it with a glass of water by mouth. Make sure that you take it at the same time every day. Only this would help you to sustain the effectiveness of the medication in the body and help you to grow hair properly.