What is Generic Propecia? How effective is it in treating hair loss?

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Propecia generic form is known as Finasteride. This is the only best medication approved by FDA for treating hair loss. The drug is mainly used in men affected by male pattern baldness caused in the crown area and in the vertex of the scalp. Male pattern baldness is also known as Androgenetic alopecia. The best medication to resolve from this problem is Finasteride. This is a prescription only medication, taking it without proper doctor consultation can leads to severe side effects. For effective hair growth take the medication as per the prescription. Over usage of the drug may also lead to permanent hair loss. As the medication is available in two different dosage strength of 1mg and 5mg so it is always recommended to take the dosage as per the prescription. The medication should be taken orally for 3 months or more based on the benefit observed on the individuals. The drug is recommended only for male, it should not be given to patients younger than 18 years old. Generic Propecia is also used in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia caused in men.

Generic Propecia

How Generic Propecia works in the treatment of hair loss?

The generic Finasteride as an FDA approved inhibitor known as DHT-inhibitor which helps in resolving from the hair loss problem. Generic Propecia works in the root of the hair lost part, that significantly decreases the DHT levels. The stimulant Minoxidil helps in new hair follicles growth in the topical area of the scalp and the Ketoconazole cleanses the scalp. All these three treatment together will prevent hair loss problem and helps in regrowing of hair effectively.The medication mainly used in men who are undergoing hair loss in the vertex and above the temples of the scalp.Taking this medication as per the prescription will help you to get effective hair growth. Taking the medication along with Rogaine will work effectively in backing up to prevent hair loss problem.

Medication alone cannot help to prevent hair loss problem, peaceful mind with proper nutrition diet should also be followed while taking the medication. So it is always important to keep yourself stress free and follow a nutrition diet with good calories.

Why to choose generic Propecia for treating hair loss?

Finasteride generic medication is the proven tablet to treat hair loss problem. A survey says that more than 60% of the men are benefited by using Propecia. When compared to other hair loss pills, generic Propecia treatment works far better and the result is shown in the short time span. Also, the side effects of the drug are less than other medication. Only 2% of the individuals are experiencing negative side effects, so it is always better to take the medication after a proper physician consultation. Apart from the positive effect of the medication, there are some other things that makes people to choose generic Propecia are, the medication is easily accessible by anyone when choosing a online pharmacy and also they can get the Finasteride generic at low cost when compared to brand medication with the same effectiveness of the medication.