What happens when you take Propecia and steroids together?

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Among the common uses of steroids is that of body-building. There are many types of steroids that are available and also used to build large muscles. The use of such substances can result in significant side effects, one among them being hair loss. Steroid users typically take Propecia to combat the excessive hair fall. While the drug is prescription only, there are those who use it without consultation. It helps to know whether using Propecia while on steroids is harmful to one’s health or not.

Why do steroid users experience hair loss?

Steroids come in different types, some of which cause hair loss as a side effect. This occurs primarily when using testosterone boosters. The increased testosterone boosts androgen activity in the system. What happens then is that the enzyme 5-alpha reductase enhances the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Increased DHT levels results in the hair follicles getting attacked, followed by hair thinning and shedding. This occurs mainly in those who are genetically predisposed to experiencing male pattern baldness. Using Propecia in the early stages of hair loss could potentially stop the problem, although the genetic predisposition can cause the hair loss to happen later in life.

Using Propecia to combat the hair loss cause by steroids

Propecia is seen as the ideal drug to battle against hair loss caused by steroids due to its specific working mechanism. The hair loss drug inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and suppresses the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Using the drug on a once daily basis for months together can help to achieve and maintain DHT suppression by up to 70%. This is turn prevents further hair fall and also improves chances of regrowing lost hair.

Propecia may not be suitable for all types of steroids, but is probably more effective on substances that increase testosterone levels. The drug would not be effective on the impact of steroids that are derived from DHT. Anabolic steroid use would also prevent the drug from having any effect on the hair loss problem.

Is it possible to safely use Propecia while on steroids?

Finasteride which has been selling under a lot of brand names one of the famous brand name is Propecia. And it is a drug that should be used with the help of the doctor after checking for any health issues that can affect the way you use it. Although the drug is available in both 1mg and 5mg doses, it is sufficient to use the 1mg dose on a once daily basis, preferably at the same time every day to ensure continuous DHT suppression. There are chances of experiencing sexual side effects while using Propecia, which you should watch out for and get checked with the doctor. The hair loss medication is not for use in women and should not be touched or handled with bare hands. If the testosterone boost is taken in very high doses, the use of Propecia may not be effective. Stopping the treatment with the hair loss drug can result in a reversal of benefits over the next six to eight months.