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getting finasteride without prescriptionFinasteride is highly regarded for its ability to stop hair loss in men and even promote new hair growth in some persons. Taking the drug has become essential to those who are experiencing severe hair loss but wish to maintain their looks. The drug though is a medication that has to be used only under medical supervision and with a prescription. Buying Finasteride without a prescription may or may not be legal according to the country where you reside in. Here’s what you should know about getting the drug without a prescription.

Legal status of getting Finasteride in the US

The legal status of Finasteride in the US is that you have to take the hair loss medication only with a prescription. The drug has properties that make it not advisable to use without the doctor’s assistance. Regular health checks are required in order to estimate if the drug is working for you or not, or if there are any harmful side effects. The use is known for sexual side effects, which can occur even long after the drug has been discontinued. For the user’s safety and for using the medication legally, it is recommended to obtain a prescription in order to purchase the pills.

What are the possibilities of buying Finasteride without prescription?

Despite the prescription status, it is still possible to avail the pills without having the Rx in hand. The drug can be bought off the streets easily but it is likely to be overpriced and the quality would also be questionable. There is also the way to buy Finasteride online without prescription, which is offered by certain internet pharmacies.

These places are questionable because they may be running a scam just to obtain your credit card information or may supply the counterfeit pills. Even if the drug is authentic, you may have to use the prescription to purchase the medication if that is the legal requirement in your country and you want to avoid any legal hassles.

Yet another way is to opt for a reliable online drugstore that offers consultation with a certified healthcare professional. The online doctor would consult on the hair loss symptoms online and provide the Finasteride internet prescription if deemed suitable. You can then use this online Rx to order the pills.

How to Get the Finasteride online prescription?

Choose an online pharmacy that is licensed and can accommodate your needs for legally purchasing the medication over the net. Create an account and list out all your relevant medical information in the questionnaire provided. Include all current health conditions and medications being consumed. The online doctor will review this data and also consult with you over the telephone, live chat or video call. If you seem suited to take the hair loss medication, the online prescription would be provided to you.

No matter where you purchase the hair loss drug from, take steps to ensure that the pills are authentic and of good quality. Check the legal status of Finasteride and then make the purchase.