Is Generic Propecia an OTC drug and how to Buy Finasteride without prescription?

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No, Generic Propecia is not an OTC drug so taking it without proper prescription can lead to severe side effects. Finasteride medication is generally used to treat hair loss problem but initially the 5 mg Propecia is used to treat Benign Prostatic alopecia. The medication is very powerful in working process. So it is always recommended to take Finasteride with proper doctor consultation. Take the medication as per the med script as you need to take the medication for long duration.
On the other hand, you can not buy generic Propecia without prescription, though you get a place to buy without proper script it is illegal and the pharmacy which provides the drug will be a counterfeit store. So a legitimate pharmacy will not give the medication without rx.

What are the reasons to not Buy Finasteride without Prescription?
The chemicals present in generic Propecia as more powerful ingredients thus taking them without rx can lead to severe side effects. On of the main reason why do you need a prescription for Finasteride is that the medication should be used only by male. Woman should not even touch the crushed medicine as it would affect them both internally and externally. If a pregnant women touches the medicine by mistake, it would affect both the mother and the unborn child.
The other reason for getting prescription for Finasteride is the medication should not be used by patients below 18 years and also the doctor would prescribe you the drug only after checking the hair follicles.Only if the scalp has the hair follicles, the hair will have the chances for regrowing. Additionally if you stop taking the medication suddenly or permanently then the hair generated by generic Propecia will fall and even tends to permanent hair loss. So it is always safer to take the medication only after the doctor prescribes you.

How to buy Finasteride without prescription?
As said you can not buy Finasteride without prescription either in online or offline pharmacy. In general, if you are in need of med script then you need to go in search of a doctor and wait for hours to get the rx. An easy way to overcome this problem is by getting online prescription by consulting with the doctor. The procedure for getting online med script are as follows:
Finasteride without prescriptionChoosing a reputed online pharmacy is the first step to get prescription for Finasteride. Also check whether the drugstore provides expert doctor consultation. Then make an appointment based on your availability time. When it’s time for your consultation, you can talk with the physician about your hair fall problem and they would ask to fill a medical form regarding your treatment. Finally, the doctor will verify your data. If you are eligible to take the med, they will prescribe you the online prescription for Finasteride.
You can upload this rx in the web portal and get the drug anywhere in the internet drugstore. All the details given will be stored securely in the database, so you can access the med script any time.