How much you can trust on Finasteride for treating hair loss?

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Using any medication at all is done under the hope that it will work well to improve the condition. The same goes for users of Finasteride too. It does take a lot of trust to use a drug for many months together and patiently wait for the results to show. It is also possible for users to question just how much to trust a drug that takes so long to work.

Those who have been prescribed to take Finasteride should understand that this is the only FDA-approved medication that is used orally for hair loss. It has a proven track record of improving the hair loss problem, and even enabling many persons to regrow the lost hair. Probably, learning a little more about Finasteride would help in trusting it to stop the hair loss without any other concerns.

How effective is Finasteride for hair loss?

To talk about the efficacy of Finasteride is to understand just how the drug works to deal with the hair loss problem. The medication is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor that reduces the amount of androgen activity in the body. This is important because it is the increased conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes the excess hair fall in the first place. The high DHT typically attacks the hair follicles and make them shed or become thin. Taking the Finasteride medication for a certain period ensures the continued DHT suppression by up to 70% so that the hair stops falling and even allows for the new hair follicles to take root during this time.

When will the results of using Finasteride start to show?

The results of taking Finasteride depend on the individual’s response to the medication. The time taken would also vary from one person to another. On average, one can expect it to take at least three to six months to start seeing changes on the scalp. Also, some persons are likely to see a difference only after eight to twelve months of using the drug. If there are still no results, then alternate treatment options have to be sought.

What to expect when using Finasteride for hair loss?

Every Finasteride user should keep a few important points in mind, which is necessary if you truly want to place your trust in this drug. There may be additional hair loss in the initial treatment period. This is nothing to worry about and just means that the drug is working, with the weak hair follicles being shed off so that stronger ones can take root. Finasteride use can result in sexual side effects in some persons. Check with the doctor before quitting the medication. Discontinuing the use of the hair loss drug can result in the loss of benefits that were gained during the course of the treatment. The drug cannot help regrow hair in someone who is completely bald. Use Finasteride with the help of your doctor and you would surely see the difference that it makes to your hair fall problems.