Do you need a Prescription for Finasteride?

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Yes, you need a prescription for buying Finasteride no matter where you are getting the medication. As the med is not a OTC drug, taking it without Rx can lead to severe side effects. You can get the med script either online or offline by consulting the doctor. As the drug should be taken only by prescribed individual, do not share with people who have history of drug or alcohol addiction and as this may lead to permanent hair loss. The only way to overcome this problem is by taking the med as per the doctor script. The dosage for the medication may vary based on your health condition so don’t take the medication on your own. Also consult with your physician before buying Finasteride online.

Why do you need a Prescription for Finasteride?

Prescription for Finasteride

The reason why you need a prescription for Finasteride is that the med is primarily used in the treatment of hair loss so taking it without proper guidance will leads to severe side effects. When compared to other hair loss medication, generic Propecia works better as the dosage of the medication is very powerful and helps in reducing the DHT level  in the scalp. As the medication dosage as high efficiency, you need a valid rx to get the med online. On the other hand if you buy Finasteride without prescription it is illegal according to the US Law. Some counterfeit drug stores provides the med without script, buying from them will land up in getting false medication. Taking false drugs will result in adverse reaction in regrowing of hair.

How to get online prescription for Finasteride?

Getting online prescription for Finasteride is as simple when compared with local doctor consultation. You can not buy generic Propecia without rx in offline drugstores is not possible, but you can get the medication in online pharmacy by consulting doctor and getting online medical script. Steps to get online prescription for Finasteride are:

  • First thing is you need to choose a reputed online pharmacy which sells FDA approved drugs and as proper license. As these pharmacy will have a genuine and expert doctors so, you can get a real prescription med online.
  • After choosing a drugstore, create an account in the pharmacy and log in. While logging in, you need to submit the previous medical certificates for reference and personal information about your health condition.
  • Upon signing in, you can choose an appointment, the appointment you are comfortable with and consult the doctor online.
  • You can talk to them either through telephone or face to face, based on your convenience. While consulting you may be asked to submit a questionnaire form regarding your health condition.
  • Upon verification, if you are eligible to take the medication, the doctor will provide you an online prescription for Finasteride.
  • With this online rx you can order the medication as much quantity you want and get delivered to your doorstep.

You can also consult the physician again if you have any doubt with the medication in future and also you can access the med script any time as it will be stored in the database permanently. Why you need to buy Finasteride without prescription when you can get the script online easily without any barriers.